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New Build Builders

At Sustainabuild, we will work with you from Day 1, to make your New Build the house of your dreams. We understand it can be quite a daunting task, going through the many home builders and building companies Auckland has to offer.

Making the commitment to build a home is, for most, a once in a lifetime and we make it our mission from the outset to ensure your satisfaction, paving the way for many happy years in your forever home.

New Build Homes come in a variety of specs and sizes, and with that we offer a flexible service. Some of our customers come to us with a very specific set of plans for their Architectural New Build, with Building Consent already stamped and signed off. We are more than happy to work with your designs and with your own architect in this instance, to bring your plans to life. Typically, your project will fall into either an Architectural, or Spec New Build depending on the plans. There are varying levels of building plans, depending on what stage you are at in the design process. Your architect can explain more, however if you’re unsure we are happy to guide you through this process.

Residential Builders

We can work with your chosen contractors too, although it is our preference to provide a comprehensive service to New Build Houses. Our preferred contractors have 25+ years combined experience in their relevant trades, from electricians, plumbers and roofers – we can provide a truly holistic approach as residential builders. When we use our preferred contractors and suppliers, we are able to offer a craftsmanship guarantee as we know the credibility of those working on the project. Of course, the choice remains yours throughout as to what contractors and materials we use.

In contrast, you might be unsure as to where to start. Great! We will work with you from Design through to Delivery of your keys. Having spent many years in the construction trade and accumulated a wealth of industry specific contacts, we have preferred architects, draftsmen, engineers and quantity surveyors on hand to help you create your own masterpiece. It’s quite normal to want to build a home, but not know how to go about it. Jason and the team have been building New Build Houses Auckland to Whangarei for the last 20 years – so you are in good hands if this is the case. They’ve worked internationally too!

We can work with you to create that style you’re looking for – whether it’s a Scandinavian type super eco-friendly home, or a more contemporary NZ design – we cater for all. Take a look at some of our current and past projects to see the wealth of different New Build Homes we have executed.

Regarding pricing – as is our approach from the outset, we work with our clients to whatever they see is most transparent and feasible for them. Whether that be Open Book, or fixed pricing. From experience in previous jobs, clients tend to be happier with a fixed price from the outset – ensuring no surprises later down the track, and needs for additional budget. We prefer to fix prices, as we are confident in the conciseness of our pricing and thus we stick to it.

Are you looking for new home builders? Let Sustainabuild build your future. See what one of the best construction companies Auckland has to offer can do for you!

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation on your build.

Looking to build on what you already have? See our Renovations page to see how we can add value to your existing home.

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