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In the current economic climate, it’s a great opportunity to renovate your existing home. The demand for Home Renovation in Aucklandaloneis huge, with savvy home-owners looking to add equity to their bricks and mortar – in light of ever increasing house prices on the market. Maybe you’re looking at a Sustainable Renovation, or have your eyes on a modern, sleek House Renovation to bring your property into 2021. If so, Sustainabuild is the House Renovation Company for you!

With renovations, there is no limit to the potential that you can add – whether it’s a complete Home Renovation, extension, garages or outbuildings, granny flat conversions – or anything in between! Putting the work into your property will pay dividends in future years, whether you want to enjoy the hard work yourself or cash-in on your home. When choosing Sustainabuild, you’re engaging with industry experts who can provide advice on your renovation from the top-down.

We have conducted a combined 500+ Renovation Projects in and around Auckland, with a variety of design and specs to adhere to. Whatever your design, we have the required experience necessary to bring your renovation plans to life, and can join up the process with contractors as required. Jason himself has over 20 years’ experience conducting renovations privately, and on behalf of other companies – both in NZ and internationally. You can ask him how to make the renovation more sustainable too!

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Jason and the team at Sustainabuild will ensure that qualified and skilled builders/contractors are available in line with your reno. We have an abundance of different House Renovation Buildersand tradesmen at our disposal, including Plumbers, Electricians and Carpenters. Having a variety of different subbies and contractors, allows us to provide house renovations more seamlessly – without the need to involve other crews.

With House Renovation, we prefer to offer a free quote in the initial consultation – working to a fixed price whereby both customer and builder are aware from the outset. One of the team will come to your property, take a look around and hear more about your plans to supercharge your home. There’s no right or wrong answer here – it’s all about what your dreams are and what you want us to do to execute them. Maybe you want a glass chandelier in your front Reception room, or a modern breakfast bar? Great!

Conducting a Home Renovation can be a huge job, and ensuring you pick the right builder is probably the most important choice you will make in the entire process. A project such as a renovation should be carried out by those with the expertise required, or access to the skills necessary. It’s vitally important that you engage a few opinions at the quote stage – and Sustainabuild should be one of those opinions!

Do you have plans to add value to your home? Come and chat to Auckland’s Home Renovation Specialists. Our team will ensure that the Renovation is carried out to a to standard, and your satisfaction guaranteed! When choosing Sustainabuild for a comprehensive House Renovation service – the work is covered by our own Craftsmanship Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation on your renovation, and make Sustainabuild your House Renovation Builders.

Or perhaps you want to explore the options of building a New Home? See our New Build Homes page to see how we can Build the house of your dreams!

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